30 Clubs & Socs To Try In Lockdown

Clubs and Societies in Lockdown

Looking for something to do during the lockdown?Clubs and Societies have pulled together a list of what’s going on online!

  1. Bands at Strathclyde are composing online together, all levels of experience welcome whether you can play one note or a symphony. Email:  Facebook:
  2. Omani society are doing a FIFA 2020 tournament contact them here: Email:
  3.  Doctoral Research Group have created an online forum for discussions and sharing ways to engage you can find it here:
  4. Law society are reaching out to vulnerable and lonely people in isolation through phone calls and delivering essentials. They are also sharing what’s getting them through isolation on Instagram. Check them out and get involved here: Other:
  5. Meditation are putting up content online on wellbeing from home. Check them out here:
  6. Powerlifting are doing live home workouts that you can join in with. Check them out here: Other:
  7. Film Appreciation are hosting regular Netflix watch parties where they are watching films together. They also hold weekly votes on what film to watch. Contact them here:
  8. Faith Society are still regularly meeting online. Find out more about them here:
  9. Trading and Portfolio Management Society have moved online contact them here:
  10. Strathclyde Scouts and Guides Association (SSAGO) are doing daily events online such as online Pictionary contact them here:
  11. Strath Photo Club are doing recreating famous portraits at home get involved here:
  12. Chess are running online sessions. Contact them here to get involved: Email:
  13. Biomedical society have support on offer for SIPBS students struggling with assignments and concepts on their course. Contact them here:
  14. Strath Speechies still producing online content together with Makaton Videos to pop songs, contact them to get involved here:
  15. University of Strathclyde Motor Sport Society are working from home on the design and analysis of the electric car they’re planning to run in 2021. Some have also got involved in an initiative to help supply PPE to the NHS for the COVID-19 response. Get in contact with them here:
  16. Strathclyde feminist society are fundraising for Glasgow Foodbanks alongside Strath Speechies. You can get in contact with them here to donate or get involved: Email:
  17. Strathclyde Video Games Society now have created the Strathclyde Gaming Aliance Discord sever, you can contact them and check it out here: Email: Facebook: Other:
  18. Strathclyde Marxist Society are hosting online reading groups, you can contact them to get involved here: Email:
  19. Coffee society is still active online doing a virtual group coffee event. Check them out here: Email: Facebook: Other:
  20. Musical Theatre Society are doing a “Covers from Quarantine” project where they are covering popular songs from home and are also having weekly quizes. Check them out and get involved here: Email: Facebook:
  21. Pole Fitness are participating in online pole classes together, get in contact with them here: Email: Facebook: Other:
  22. Pokemon society are still having online mtings and are playing together using an online simulator. Contact them to get involved here: Email: Facebook:
  23. Fusion Radio are still doing their shows remotely check them out and get in contact with them here: Email: Facebook:
  24. Re-act theatre society are still in contact online and are looking at doing virtual workshops and still preparing for their show. Get in contact with them here: Email: Facebook: Other:
  25. Boardgames are using an online tabletop simulator to keep their society going and play together. Get in contact with them here: Email: Facebook:
  26. Strathclyde University Roleplaying Game Society (SURGE) are continuing to meet up and play online. Get in contact with them here: Email:
  27. Poker are doing an online tournament. Contact them here Facebook:
  28. Dance for water are still active online, check out what they’re up to here: Email: Facebook: Other:
  29. Strath Street Care is doing an online campaign for Shelter Scotland. See what they’re up to and get involved here: Email: Facebook:
  30. Strathclyde Telegraph are still producing articles in an online format and are looking for people to contribute to some conversations. Find out what they’re up to and get involved here: Email: Facebook: Other:

We also have volunteering opportunities:

Online Volunteer Opportunities


Zooniverse is one of the world’s most popular people-powered research, supported by volunteers from around the world who assist professional researchers. Volunteers’ efforts are converted into measurable results with research papers and projects being published. Volunteers help with various tasks and you can volunteer to help with:  the classification of data, through being a beta tester, or through being a moderator for a project. Volunteer here:

Instant Wild

Instant Wild allows volunteers to take part in conservation work through giving you access to live images and videos of locations all around the world. Volunteers identify the animals in the images and tag them, thus contributing to the future of wildlife and leaving a positive impact. No qualifications are necessary for this opportunity, all you need to do is view the images provided by the wildlife cameras and start tagging. This is another perfect volunteering opportunity that you can do from the comfort of your own home!

Community Volunteer Opportunities*

Marie Trust – COVID-19 Volunteers

The Marie Trust are currently looking for volunteers who may be able to offer additional support now that their drop-in service has had to be restructured. Ideally, they’re looking for students to help out two to three days per week (Mon-Fri), 0900 – 1600, with the below tasks; cooking, delivering food parcels, sorting out mobile phones, doing check-in phone calls, enabling people (two at a time) to come in and get showered, etc. Access to a car would be ideal, although this is not essential. All students would receive appropriate training to ensure they’re up to speed.


Refuweege, a local charity that under normal circumstances works with refugees, have extended their service to anyone in Glasgow. They’ve set up a support pack delivery service in Glasgow and they need your help! Anyone keen to volunteer can join their WhatsApp group:

Strath Union Volunteers

We are organising a group to help with essential supply runs for vulnerable people. Please get in touch with Marcus O’Shea if you’re interested in helping:

* Please remain cautious and consider the Covid-19 risks when applying to volunteering opportunities. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch at