Recruiting Help to Understand Student Drug Use During COVID-19

How has your experience been as a university student since the beginning of this unusual academic term? Did you have to party at student halls instead of clubs? Did you struggle with mental health? In this survey, we want to understand your relationship with drugs, even if you don’t take any (!), and how this academic term is influencing your drug behaviour. We’re doing this to understand how to help students stay safe during these strange times. The insights of this survey will help universities to design better policies and interventions for drug use! To do this we have carefully constructed a survey in the hopes of collecting a large database of results that we can in turn use to create a positive change within universities. We have had success in contacting societies and universities across the UK and it is my job to spread this into Scotland. It would mean so much to me and a lot of other people if we could get your societies and Strathclyde as a whole behind this as our goal simply can't be reached if not enough people participate. £30 Amazon voucher for a lucky winner that participates! Take Part

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