The Digital Age and The Creation Of Mane Man Blog

Mane Man

Author – Kyle McQueen (Runs Mane Man Blog)

The Digital Age

In the midst of a global pandemic, the importance of digital marketing has never been more prevalent, making the fated timing of the “Marketing Communications in The Digital Age” course for Strathclyde’s third-year students, about the only positive outcome in a year of forcefully adjusted learning. 


The Creation of Mane Man

Learning online comes at less of a cost when the course was, for the most part, intended to be that way. Fortunately, the main individual assignment for the course sees students tasked with creating and updating an online blog, whilst encouraging the use of search engine optimisation and digital marketing techniques to drive users to the site. This led to the creation of Mane Man, a gent’s hair growth and grooming blog, designed to provide guidance for men wishing to grow longer hair.

Mane Man Blog

Mane Man Blog

Rooted in the coronavirus pandemic, which saw men go 3 months without a trim, Mane Man was intended to support those who welcomed the extra hair and wished to continue on their growth journey. More men than ever before are now rocking medium and longer hairstyles, a welcome trend after years of skin fades. Underneath all of the extra hair, you’ll often find men who haven’t the first clue in how to take proper care of it. Thankfully, The Mane Man blog aims to teach men the basics of hair health before delving deeper into the intricacies of unique hair structure and form, providing helpful tips for staying motivated and sharing real experiences from hair growth journeys along the way.

In an expanding market, with a growing number of men beginning to take more interest in their appearance, Mane Man tries to do away with the ever-present, unspoken non-acceptance of men who take pride in their appearance, encouraging them to makes strides towards looking after themselves, starting with their hair!

Check out Mane Man and his guide through the long haul to long hair!