We chat with Strath IEEE about their new series of events!

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We caught up with the Strathclyde Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers as they prepare to launch a series of events to assist in answering that age-old brutal question, what next?

Introduce yourself!

I am Utkarsh, a 2nd year PhD Student at the Centre for Microsystems and Photonics (CMP).

What does the IEEE Photonics Society involve?

Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the largest association for technical professionals, and we are one of the subunits of Strathclyde’s overall student chapter (the other being Women in Engineering, Industry Applications Society and Oceanic Engineering Society).

You are running a series of events, what is involved?

Our next IEEE event is a series of webinars that will help you decide a career path after you finish your degree. Additionally, our speakers will also be addressing unconscious biases that are prevalent in the respective fields. This is in collaboration with SCOPE (Student Community for Optics, Physics and Engineering) based at Strathclyde, too.  The first IEEE event in this series focuses on a career in ‘Academia’. We will announce the dates for the next events as we go along which will focus on ‘Industry’ and ‘Others’. This can help you decide what to do with the degree that you have in mind.

Can any students join these events?You can attend the IEEE event from anywhere since they are all online and get to ask questions directly from the people who would be employing you or would be involved in the decision making committee, hopefully. Also, it is open for all, irrespective of which field you are in. However, all our speakers would be from STEM due to our affiliations.

Have you been affected by the Covid-19 outbreak?

The coronavirus outbreak has brought in a lot of uncertainty and we thought hearing from experienced people can help a job seeker decipher what the future market trends look like.

How can students get in contact with or join your society?

If you wish to be involved further, you can do so by joining our Facebook or Twitter pages. Additionally, SCOPE has its own website that has all the necessary information that you might need (

We look forward to having you at the event!

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